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A new Formare Aprendiz program class begins at Tecon Santos


Fifteen Guarujá youngsters aged 18-19 are beginning a new and important stage in their lives. They will be part of the eighth class of the Formare Aprendiz program that offers an Administrative Assistant professional qualification course. Classes are taught by Santos Brasil volunteer educators at Tecon Santos - the largest container terminal in South America.

The students´ expectations are enormous. Mateus Santos de Oliveira, 19, hopes to acquire even more technical knowledge. "I think it will be a fundamental experience for my qualification, in addition to the differential I will have in my resume from getting to know the operation of a large company like Santos Brasil", he says.

And learning, according to Mateus, had in fact already begun in the Formare Aprendiz recruitment process. "I really enjoyed taking part in group dynamics, because it is at that stage that the company can see who we really are. Moreover, having a good performance in a group dynamics will help us during our entire lives, because it teaches us to adapt and communicate. Success depends on effort and willpower", says Mateus, who will have the opportunity to learn more about the Company´s Yard Equipment Maintenance area.

Victoria de Souza Santos, 18, also hopes to learn a lot during the program. "I am very anxious to get started, everything will be new to me, and it will certainly be a great opportunity to learn and make friends", says Victoria, whose learning will focus on the General Services area. Like Mateus, the student believes that Formare will contribute to her placement in the labor market. "To already start in a big company like Santos Brasil is a unique opportunity", she says.

The Administrative Assistant professional qualification course has an 1800-hour workload (divided into practice and theory), and ends in June 2018. In the program, the youngsters are hired by the company as apprentices, with a signed work contract, earning minimum wage (R$ 937.00), and receive learning material, uniform, meals at the company, transportation voucher, life insurance, and basic staples. Since its beginning in 2009, 236 students have undergone the courses, 84 of which were hired by the company in different areas. The Formare Aprendiz program is certified by Fundação Iochpe and validated by the Ministry of Labor.
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