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Santos Brasil announces the approved applicants for the Formare Aprendiz program


Santos Brasil will publish the list of the 15 youths approved for the 2017 class of the Formare Aprendiz program on its www.santosbrasil.com.br website. After undergoing four classificatory phases - written test, group dynamics, interviews, and tests and home visits, on April 11, the students begin the Administrative Assistant course, which will enable them to reach the labor market faster by means of professional qualification.

The course will have an 1800-hour workload (divided into theory and practice) and will be administered at Tecon Santos, the largest container terminal in South America. The youths will be hired by the company under a regular employment contract earning minimum wage, as well as be entitled to life insurance, transportation coupons, staple food basket, meals at the company, uniform, and learning material.

The program began in 2009, and 236 students have already graduated from it. 82 of them were hired by the company in different sectors. The Formare Aprendiz program is certified by Fundação Iochpe and validated by the Labor Ministry.
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