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Paper & Pulp are the predominant products in exports via railroad at Tecon Santos


Paper and pulp account for half of the export cargo volume handled at the railroad terminals in Tecon Santos, the largest container terminal in South America, located in the Port of Santos and operated by Santos Brasil. The commodities are originated in the Suzano (São Paulo State) and Três Lagoas (Mato Grosso do Sul State) regions. In the year to date through November, some 21,700 containers for export were transported by train to Tecon Santos with chemical, agricultural and automotive industry products, among others.

The railroad modal is increasingly attracting commodity exporters by offering cargo security, lower cost, and environmental gains. It is also a strong alternative for reducing traffic on roads and in accessing the Port of Santos. Each railroad car can carry up to four 20-foot containers, which is enough to take four trucks off the roads. In addition, it reduces operational risk, as well as cuts CO2 emission level in the environment by up to 70%.

According to a Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá) forecast, Brazil is very close to rising from fourth to second place among the world¿s largest pulp producers, second only to the United States. Brazil´s installed capacity will increase from 17.4 million tons/year in 2015 to 20.9 million tons/year. China is the largest purchaser of pulp from Brazil, surpassing Europe, which previously held this position.
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