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Registration for the Formare Aprendiz program closes this Thursday


Registration for the Formare Aprendiz program will close at noon on Thursday, December 15. The program offers a free professional training course for youths 18 and 19 years old living in Guarujá, who are currently in the 3rd year of High School or who have already completed the course in the municipality´s public schools and are in a situation of economic and social disadvantage. In the program, all the enrolled young people are hired by the company as registered employees earning a minimum wage, and are entitled to life insurance, transportation allowance, food basket, a meal at the company, uniform and educational material.

There are 15 openings for the Administrative Assistant course, with a workload of 1800 hours (divided into practice and theory), beginning April 2017 and ending in June 2018, and is taught at Tecon Santos - the largest container terminal in South America. The selection process comprises four qualifying stages, the first being a written test that will take place on December 17. Those approved will still undergo group dynamics and interviews, and be submitted to tests. Interested parties can register at the www.santosbrasil.com.br website, where they will have access to the notice, as well as to all required documentation and more information about the program.
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