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Social Value

Santos Brasil is constantly striving to improve its relationships with the communities in which it is involved by contributing to their sustainable development. As a result, the company structures and supports social inclusion initiatives, with special focus on education, citizenship and social development.

Escola Santos Brasil Formare

In a partnership with the Iochpe Foundation, Santos Brasil maintains Escola Santos Brasil Formare, which offers professional training courses for low-income young adults recognized by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC). The classes aretaught by around 140 employees who volunteered for the program.Every year two classes complete the program, each with 20 students from the cities of Guarujá and Santos, in São Paulo state. The students are between 17 and 18 years old, and, in addition to a uniform and meals, receive a scholarship worth half the minimum wage. The project began in 2008, and since then 136 young adults have already graduated, 60% of whom are currently employed, and all of them continued their education by attending technical or university programs. The average entry-level salary of these young adults is approximately 30% above regular entry-level salaries. This initiative aims to promote social inclusion and prepare professionals to work in the port and logistics markets, as well as encouraging volunteer work.

Na Mão Certa Program

The Company is a signatory of the Na Mão Certa program, developed by Childhood Brasil, the representative of the World Childhood Foundation in Brazil.The purpose of the program is raising truck drivers´ awareness of the issue of sexual exploitation of children on Brazilian highways, preparing these drivers to act as protection agents.

Nostra Aldeia Community

Conducted since August 2012 in a partnership with Associação Palavra de Vida, the institution responsible for developing the Nostra Aldeia social project in the Aldeia community, located near the Vehicle Terminal (TEV).The project offers jiu-jitsu classes and social inclusion for around 100 children and teenagers from the community and involves volunteers who are employees of the Company.This partnership also includes other initiatives, such as sociocultural outings, guidance on oral hygiene, sponsoring the project´s students in regional jiu-jitsu championships, and income generation workshops for the students´ mothers.

Guerreiros Sem Armas (Warriors without Weapons)

The 6th Brazilian edition of the project, developed by the Elos Institute, brought together young adults from 19 countries to work with the population of three communities of Baixada Santista in July 2012.The goal of this social entrepreneurship program is to prepare young adults to transform realities anywhere in the world.

In 2012, 59 young adults conducted a four-day task force with the population of the communities Aldeia, in Guarujá, and Morro São Bento and Vila Santa Maria, in Santos.As well as from Brazil, they came from the following countries:Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Guinea-Bissau, Egypt, India, Kenya, Curacao, Mexico, Rwanda, South Africa, Switzerland, the Netherland, Slovenia, Canada, Ghana, Turkey and Zimbabwe.

I Am a Volunteer

Santos Brasil encourages its employees to do volunteer work and believes that dedicating time and talent to help others produces positive results and transformations in the world we live in. In addition to engaging employees in its role as a socially responsible company, this initiative strengthens the link between the employees and the social responsibility projects developed by the Company and the communities in which the Company is involved.Currently,approximately 300 employees are engaged in volunteer projects and actions conducted by the Company.

Estaleiro Musical (Guarujá Musical Shipyard)

Enabled by the Federal Cultural Incentive Law of the Ministry of Culture and supported by Santos Brasil, this social inclusion through music program, created by Groove Allegro, is being developed in Vicente de Carvalho with students from the marching band of the State School Professor Walter Scheppis.This initiative aims to build a musical center within the community where renowned classical musicians teach percussion instrument classes.

Solidarity Campaigns

With the purpose of encouraging solidarity among its employees, the Company implements campaigns throughout the year, such as collecting winter clothing, toys and food, among others.

O Porto de Santos e a História do Brasil (The Port of Santos and the History of Brazil) Project

Developed by Santos Brasil in a partnership with Neotropica Editora Multimídia, the project was designed to assist primary and secondary school teachers in the classroom,with the help of the following materials:an interactive (documentary) DVD, a teacher´s manual and a map with historical references.All these materials provide historical and cultural information and use the port and the estuary as the common thread to tell the story. It was distributed among the entire public (both municipal and state) school network of the metropolitan area and the baixada santista region.

Settaport Educational Sports Project - Guarujá and Santos

Developed by The Settaport Foundation, this project has been sponsored by the Company since 2012 and is conducted in the cities of Guarujá and Santos.The main purpose of the program is to make the access to educational sports more democratic and promote the social inclusion of around 190 of the region´s children and teenagers, between the ages of 6 and 13, who are offered free soccer and judo classes. This partnership also includes other initiatives, such as participation in events, sports competitions, guidance on oral hygiene, visits to educational partners, family integration actions and income generation workshops for the mothers of the students participating in the program.

Environmental value

Environmental issues are a constant concern for Santos Brasil. Certified with ISO 14001, the company reinforces, year after year, its actions for environmental conservation, besides providing environmental education for its employees and the communities in which it is established.

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