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Environmental Value

ambiental_residuos.jpg Santos Brasil promotes internal and external actions for environmental conservation and education. Its main purpose is to reduce its activity impact on the environment.

Learn about several programs:

Waste Recycling

The Company promotes the selective garbage collection in its operation units. In effect for ten years, the program has an 85% reuse rate and aims at awareness for the gradual reduction of waste generation.

Carbon Project

Santos Brasil has performed an inspection in its Greenhouse Effect Gas (GEG) emissions at the Tecon Santos and in its logistic units. In 2010, it will start feasibility studies for neutralization, reduction or compensation projects regarding the emissions of these gases.

Environmental Education

The Company continually promotes new actions to contribute for environmental conservation and education among its employees. The annual Integrated Corporate Health, Safety, Quality and Environment Week aims at expanding its employees´ knowledge through educational lectures and competitions.

Protection to the Southern Right Whale

The Company supports the conservation of the southern right whale, a species found in the area of the Tecon Imbituba, during the breeding period. In a partnership with the Projeto Baleia Franca (Southern Right Whale Project), an NGO that carries out important whale conservation work in that region, we promote a visual monitoring program allowing the implementation of expansion projects at the terminal without harming the species.

Social Value

Santos Brasil is involved in actions for the benefit of its employees and the inhabitants of communities in which it is established. To this end, it plans and makes it possible different social projects that help build a more fair and balanced environment.

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