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Environmental Value

Environmental issues are a constant concern for Santos Brasil. Certified with ISO 14001, the company reinforces, year after year, its actions for environmental conservation, besides providing environmental education for its employees and the communities in which it is established.

Social Value

Santos Brasil is involved in actions for the benefit of its employees and the inhabitants of communities in which it is established. To this end, it plans and makes it possible different social projects that help build a more fair and balance environment.

Sustainability Policy

In being aware of the importance and the need for environmentally responsible activities, as well as its role in the social and economic development of the regions where it operates, Santos Brasil bases its actions, initiatives and business decisions on a Sustainability Policy, in line with the principles of the UN Global Compact.

Supplier Engagement

Santos Brazil is committed to the engagement process of its suppliers under a shared, accountable and strategic management, aiming to ensure the highest standard of performance and alignment between its suppliers and the Company's business strategy and Mission, Vision and Values​.

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