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Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

Santos Brasil's Sustainability Policy serves as a reference for the Company's operations and guides its strategy, which is targeted to four key matters: Occupational Health and Safety; CO2 and Water Emissions; Local Development; and Transparency and Anti-Corruption Practices.

These themes were established from the Company's vision and mission, the analysis of its industry, and surveys and dialogues with stakeholders for understanding their expectations.

These matters are monitored by the Company's Sustainability Committee, a multidisciplinary team whose objectives are to validate strategies, monitor the defined indicators, and support the implementation of the Sustainability Policy in all business units.

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Safety, more than a challenge for sustainable management, is also a value. This is why we invest in training and in programs for promoting excellence in our safety indicators, ensuring a healthy and safe working environment.

CO2 and Water Emissions

For the key issue regarding CO2, the focus was set on renewable energy, and the adopted strategy calls for investment in new technologies, redefining the energy matrix, efficient energy utilization, and the impact from carbon emissions (CO2). Therefore, the strategy pays special attention to indicators related to energy, atmospheric emissions, and water.

Local Development

We strive to ensure that our operations have programs for engaging the local communities. For this purpose, we developed a corporate voluntary service program, and support initiatives such as the Formare (Aprendiz) Program, in addition to the Nostra Aldeia and Fundação Setaport de Responsabilidade Social projects in Guarujá. We encourage the contracting and development of local suppliers by means of a Supplier Management Program. We seek to invest in projects and programs that are in synergy with the identity of the business and are relevant to the country and the communities, ensuring that there is always a link with local, national and international agendas.

Transparency and Anti-Corruption Practices

Based on the best corporate governance practices required by the Novo Mercado section of the S√£o Paulo Stock Exchange (BM&FBovespa), we use transparency and security criteria in the disclosure of information. We also have a Code of Conduct that addresses the issue of corruption and human rights and guides the ethical behavior of all our employees and service providers.

Read our sustainability policy here.

Environmental value

Environmental issues are a constant concern for Santos Brasil. Certified with ISO 14001, the company reinforces, year after year, its actions for environmental conservation, besides providing environmental education for its employees and the communities in which it is established.

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