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Port Operations

Santos Brasil operates three container terminals located at strategic points along the Brazilian coast: Tecon Santos (SP), Tecon Imbituba (SC), and Tecon Vila do Conde (PA), besides the - Vehicle Terminal of the Port of Santos (SP). All of them are integrated into the logistic operation, offering our customers a single, port to port logistic platform. Highly specialized team, state-of-the-art technology, security, quality, and productivity are our highlights.

Understand the operation, step by step.

Tecon Santos

In South America, this unit is a benchmark in modernity, besides being the largest and most efficient container terminal in the country, capable of handling 2 million TEUs per year.


Tecon Imbituba

Located in one of the major industrial poles and port areas in southern Brazil, the unit will receive, in 2010, more than R$280 million for expansion and modernization works.


Tecon Vila do Conde

Operated by the private sector, this public use port terminal in Belém (PA) provides direct access to all continents or through the main hub ports in the Caribbean area.


Vehicle Terminal

Near Tecon Santos, TEV is one of the largest car terminals in Brazil and is ready to handle up to 290,000 cars per year.

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