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Santos Brasil operates three container terminals located in strategic points of the Brazilian coast: Tecon Santos (SP), Tecon Imbituba (SC), and Tecon Vila do Conde (PA), as well as the Vehicle Terminal on Santos (SP) Harbor. All of them are integrated to the logistic operation, in order to offer customers a single logistic platform, from port to door. A highly specialized team, leading-edge technology, safety, quality and productivity are our differentials. Learn the step-by-step of the operation.

1) The commercial team from Santos Brasil welcomes ship owners, importers or exporters who want to know and hire the services offered by the company.

2) After analyzing the type of service required, Santos Brasil offers the package most adequate to the future clients´ needs.

3) After the approval, the commercial proposal is registered on the internal system from Santos Brasil with the customer data. Thus, all operations conducted by the contracting party get special monitoring.

4) After the ship is moored, the Santos Brasil team loads or unloads containers or loose cargo from the customer. Everything is conducted with great operational efficiency, thanks to leading-edge equipment and a highly specialized team.

5) Every cargo is inspected, weighed, and the safety seals are checked. If there is any discrepancy, importers are informed so that they may conduct an official customs inspection or carry on with the customs dispatch.

6) Meanwhile, the cargo may wait for clearance in one of our Customs Industrial Logistic Centers (Clia Santos or Clia Guarujá), or in our Customs Port Facilities (IPA Tamandaré and IPA XXXII).

7) All containers - whether for export, import, coastal navigation, or even empty - have their delivery and reception scheduled in advance through the Vehicle Scheduling System (SAV), available in our website, where the customer may select the timeframe for conducting its operations on Santos Brasil, which operates 24 hours non-stop, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

8) Santos Brasil is one of the few port operators in Latin America to offer its customers logistics projects integrated with port services. Our group has customs areas in both banks of Santos Harbor, transports between its units, Distribution Center located near a road ring, as well as distribution transport.
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