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Quality and Safety

Protecting the assets from its customers, partners, visitors and collaborators has always been a crucial topic for Santos Brasil. Last-generation tools and highly qualified employees help in the challenge of complying with safety, physical and asset integrity rules, without compromising the service quality. Check a few safety measures and quality standards adopted by the company:

  • Electronic Safety - through recording of different images and data, it issues reports on people and vehicles that circulate in all areas under responsibility of Santos Brasil.
  • The communication equipment units operate 24/7 and, whenever necessary, Customs or the Federal Police are called, as well as the Special Maritime Police Department (Depom) and the Mutual Support Plan from Guarujá, (Pamg). The area also has a radio communicator, connected 24/7 with the Pamg network, for emergency calls involving the Fire Department and Civil Defense.
  • The company also has the Daily Safety Dialogue (DDS), internal audits, periodical inspections, training sessions and awareness campaigns, Commission for Preventing Accidents on Harbor Work (CPATP), Internal Week for Prevention of Accidents on Harbor Work (SIPATP), Preliminary Risk Analysis (APR), and an emergency team properly dimensioned and trained to respond to any emergency occurrence.
  • The Logistics area is partner of the Responsible Operation Program developed by the Brazilian Association of Chemical Industry (Abiquim). The project is acknowledged as a Responsible Care® program by the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA).
  • The control of vehicles and cargo that come in and out of Tecon Santos via road transport is conducted by Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which verifies the truck´s license plate and the container´s number.
  • The identification of drivers who arrive to Santos Brasil terminals is made by biometry system, that is, only those with their fingerprints registered in the system and confirmed in the entrance have access to the unit.
  • The storage, as well as control and planning of container loading and unloading, is conducted through a sophisticated logistic planning system (Navis), which uses specific software to make reservations in the yard, grouping them by order of unload in harbors.
  • All cranes in Tecon Santos have location system (DGPS) connected to an outdoor wireless network, which sends the loading sequencing order on trucks, forklifts and cranes to over 500 data collectors in the unit.
  • The Logistics, Tecon Imbituba, Tecon Vila do Conde, and Tecon Santos units are certified with ISO 9001:2008, rules that help developing internal processes, offer higher collaborator qualification, monitor the work environment, as well as check the level of satisfaction from customers, collaborators and suppliers.
  • The Tecon Santos unit is certified with ISO 14001:2004, which establishes a series of guidelines for an organization to control possible environmental impacts to its business, as well as indicates actions to enable the ongoing improvement of its operations.
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