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11th Annual Report Abrasca Award

Santos Brasil received, in October 2009, the 11th Annual Report Abrasca Award (Brazilian Association of Publicly Held Companies) in Group 2 Publicly Held Company category, which includes publicly held companies with a less than R$ 1 billion net income.

The award purpose is to encourage the clearer, more transparent reporting, using quality information. In addition, the institution gives priority to innovation, both in exhibition and in graphic design.

This initiative has the support of the Brazilian Corporate Communication Association (Aberje), the Association of Capital Markets Investors (Amec), the National Association of Investment Banks (Anbid), the National Association of Executives in Finance, Administration and Accounting (Anefac), the National Association of Financial Market Institutions (Andima), the National Apimec (Association of Investment Analysts), the São Paulo Apimec, BM&F Bovespa, among others.


Santos Brasil has business offices and operation points in several Brazilian states.


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