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  • 5/4/2017 |
Santos Brasil concludes another Programa Formare Aprendiz class
Tomorrow, April 6, the seventh class of the Formare Aprendiz program at Santos Brasil will be concluded. The 20 youngsters who attended the Administrative Assistant course in 2016 will be welcomed by the Executive Director of Port Operations and Logistics Ricardo Molitzas, the Director of People and Management Alcino Therezo Junior, and the Executive Manager of Communication, Sustainability and Competitive Intelligence Raquel Ogando, at which time the youngsters selected for the program´s next class, which begins on beginning on April 11, will also be introduced. It will be an opportunity for the apprentices to exchange experiences, share knowledge, and say what they expect of the job market. They will also meet the company´s employees who contribute to training young people, teaching classes and giving practical guidance.

The next 1800-hour professional qualification course (divided into practice and theory) will be concluded in June 2018, and is taught at Tecon Santos - the largest container terminal in South America. The youngsters are hired by the company as Apprentices with a signed work contract, earning minimum wage (R$ 937.00), and receive learning material, uniform, meals at the company, transportation voucher, life insurance and basic staples. The Formare program began in 2009 at Santos Brasil, and to date 236 students have undergone the courses, 84 of which were hired by the company in different areas. The Formare Aprendiz program is certified by Fundação Iochpe and validated by the Ministry of Labor.

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