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Privacy Policy, Use Conditions and Legal Notes

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy reflects the best practices for using Santos Brasil Group's website, resulting in information protection, privacy, and security for all customers and other visitors.

It is of the utmost importance to read the Privacy Policy before accessing this website, because when the User accesses it this act is construed as acceptance to its terms as current on the moment of this access.

Information confidentiality

Information requested to the Users is necessary for providing and improving the services rendered, and is stored on a secure server for statistical purposes and for maintaining the relationship between the Santos Brasil Group and the Users. Santos Brasil guarantees the confidentiality of users' personal data, except in case of a court order ruling otherwise.

As a result of its own rights and those of third parties on this website, it is strictly prohibited the partial or total reproduction of any of its contents by the website users.

Santos Brasil reserves the right to review, at its sole discretion, at any moment and without notice, on its own initiative or at the request of third parties or authorities, the content transmitted, distributed, or made available, and even prevent its transmission, in case it is against the relevant legislation and/or the terms of this Privacy Policy.


The Santos Brasil website may contain links to other sites for the sole purpose of providing additional benefits to users, and their inclusion does not bring any responsibility on the Group in connection with the companies or agencies responsible for those links.

Website use and operation

The User acknowledges and voluntarily accepts that access to this website is his/her sole responsibility, pledging to always use it in compliance with the law and civility best practices, avoiding the causing of damage, site overload, or any practice that could disable the website or prevent regular access to it.

The User acknowledges that Santos Brasil does not authorize the copying, distribution, modification, reproduction, or disclosure of its website contents, either on their own or to third parties, and to the public by any means of communication or dissemination. This shall only be possible with the express authorization of Santos Brasil's legal representatives.

Santos Brasil is not responsible for any damages or losses that may arise from:

- the existence of viruses or other harmful components caused by third parties to Users and that, therefore, may cause changes and/or damages to Users' equipment and programs;

- the violation of the law, morality, and good manners by Users or third parties through the website;

- the violation of intellectual and industrial property rights, trade secrets, contractual commitments of any kind, the rights to honor, personal and family privacy, and people image in the use of the website by third parties or Users;

- any act of unfair competition and illegal advertising by third parties and Users;

- the lack of truthfulness, accuracy, deletion or updating of contents transmitted, stored, broadcast, received, obtained, made available, or accessible by third parties or Users;

- for any content transmitted, broadcast, or made available to third parties by the User, and vice-versa.

Obstruction of Website Access

Santos Brasil reserves the right to refuse or withdraw access to the website and/or its content, at any time and without notice, on its own initiative or at the request of third parties, to those Users who fail to comply with this Privacy Policy or who somehow perform actions resulting or that may result in illegal or infringing activities.

All information found on this website is protected by laws on copyright, trademarks, patents, and distinctive marks. Information contained in this website may only be reproduced with the express authorization from our Companies.


Santos Brasil guarantees protection to information contained in its website by laws and regulations governing copyright, trademarks, and patents.

All text, images, sounds and/or applications appearing on Santos Brasil S/A website are protected by copyright, and no change, reproduction, storage, transmission, copying, distribution or any other form of commercial use is allowed without Santos Brasil's previous and formal consent.

Attempts to hack into Santos Brasil's website or sites related to it shall be handled according to legal rules as damage, theft, or any other criminal classification corresponding to the consequences of the invasion, under the Brazilian Penal Code.


This website provides a lot of content and information to Users, and Santos Brasil reserves the right to unilaterally modify those, at any moment and without notice, including this Privacy Policy.

For questions or clarification on this Privacy Policy, please contact our customer support.

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